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Best Instant Pot In 2019

Best instant pot
Written by Manpreet Singh

The instant pot is the one in all solution for your cooking it can act as a pressure cooker, A Slow Cooker, to saute. You can use it for making anything you want like soups meat vegetables, Almost anything.
The instant Pot works on electricity so, you won’t have to use Gas for Cooking. The Best thing about the Instant Pot is that while pressure Cooking it’s Not prone to Accidents that means that it won’t blow up because of the pressure inside. Unlike the Regular Cooker, it’s 100% Safe to use. A good instant Pot will change the Game of cooking For you
We have brought you some of the best instant pots in the Market :

Top 8 Best Instant Pots In 2019

1. Instant Pot DUO60

This powerful pot Claims To Replace 7 of your Kitchen appliances and can do all of their work Easily. It can act as a pressure cooker, slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, yogurt maker and Food Warmer. Basically, it’s multi-talented.
The manufacturer has installed 14 automatic programs in the pot so you can cook your fav dishes with the click of a button It’s Quite Large so you can cook in Quantity and with Quality. The UI is quite functional easy so that you can operate it with ease

Instant Pot DUO60Key Features:

Multipurpose Cooker
Large Pot
14 algorithms Installed
Safe to use
No noise or steam escaping

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2. Instant Pot IP-LUX60 V3

This Pot comes in 3 different Sizes – 3 quartz, 6 Quartz, and 8 Quarts. The Body of This Pot is Rigid and made of stainless steel which does not catch fingerprints. The Control panel Is Large for Convenient Usage. It’s a Fast cooker which will save your Time and Cook your Delicious meals quickly. It Acts as a Pressure Cooker, Rice Cooker, Saute, Steamer, Cake maker and warmer. The Manufacturer Provides A Full Recipe Guide with pot consisting of more than 300 recipes.

Instant Pot IP-LUX60 V3Key Features:

Smart Programs installed
Fast Working
High temp Settings
Easy controls
UL and ULC certified
Safety features available

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3. Instant Pot Duo Plus

The Best Seller Of the List the Duo plus comes in 3 sizes + a bundle pack. Its LCD Display is Very Useful and Keeps you informed what’s happening in the pot. It also indicated the heat level of the pot. Its multi cooking programs make your job easier than ever. The Stainless Steel Inner Pot is Rust proof and won’t have to be replaced.
It Also has a Sterilize Feature to pasteurize milk and sterilizes almost anything you want. Works like a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, egg cooker, saute, steamer, warmer, sterilizer and cake maker too. The safety mechanisms ensure that it won’t harm someone.

Instant Pot Duo PlusKey Features:

Extra functionality
Safe to use
New features added
UL and ULC certified

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4. Instant Pot Smart WiFi

This wifi enabled Pot Is A Smart Pot the main highlight of this pot is that it can be operated with your Wireless Devices like your phone using a mobile app. Another highlight of this pot is its automatic keep warm feature which does not let the food to cool down after cooking and the three temp settings allow you to keep your food at the desired temperature up to 100 hours. Works Just like the other pots and claims to consume 70% less energy for cooking.
Comes with 750+ recipes installed and with the app you can create and save your own recipes it will note down the temperature cooking time ingredient etc which will allow you to create precise recipes. Don’t worry about overcooking the Smart pot will automatically give you a notification on your device when it needs attention.

Instant Pot Smart WiFiKey Features:

Energy Saver
Substitutes various kitchen appliances
The smart app gives functionality
750 pre-programmed recipes
Stainless steel components
UL and ULC certified

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5. Mealthy MultiPot

This Pot is the most stylish among all of them. The Interface Pad is Quite Big For You to Control and program it easily. The brand quote is “ Meals In Minutes” Which Indicates that your dishes will be cooked in minutes with this pot. The Highlights are its big UI Pad, The Wide Steam vent Handle so that The Steam Doesn’t Trouble You, The Bright Red Float For Pressure Indications and The Silicon Gasket.
The Company Provides With a Free app to learn new recipes and do more stuff with your pot. The Mealthy app is available free on play store you can even download it right now without purchasing the pot. This product has very good Reviews On Amazon.

Mealthy MultiPotKey Features:

Big UI pad
Extra features that cover every little detail for your comfort
Good reviews on Amazon
2 sizes available 6quartz, 8quartz,
Can make 2 dishes at once

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6. The Instant Pot Ultra

This is The Most developed Instant Pot in this list. It is a 10 in 1 Device Which replaces most of your kitchen appliances. It has a smart Altitude Sensor Which Keeps The Pressure Inside Accurate. The auto-sealing valve get seals automatically as you close the lid to avoid bad consequences
the graph indicates the preheating status. The keep warm technology lets you keep your food warm in it for a long time. It is available in 3 sizes, 3quartz, 6 quartz, 8quartz and an ultra bundle which consists of 2 pots.

The instant Pot UltraKey Features:

Altitude Sensor
Multiple Sizes
UL/ ULC Certified
Multiple sizes Available
Precise Cooking
Substitutes 10 Kitchen Devices

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7. Yedi Cooker Pot

The Yedi Pot is Manufactured in the same factory where instant pot is manufactured so it’s quite similar. This pot is 6quartz in size which is enough to cook anything you want in a decent quantity. The manufacturer gives 2 years of Guarantee and will refund you or replace your product if any issues are faced. Yedi Provides the needed accessories with the product for easy use.
It can replace 9 Kitchen Appliance Making it an absolutely Essential device for your kitchen. The Large UI Pad Makes it easy to operate. It makes the process of cooking your fav dishes very very easy.

Yedi cooker potKey Features:

Stylish yet durable
Awesome guarantee by the manufacturer
Very nice reviews on Amazon
Convenient to use

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8. Pioneer Woman – Instant Pot – Vintage Floral

This Instant Pot is perfect for women who like to keep their Kitchen Decorated. Its floral design makes it look very cute and will match with almost any kitchen Design. Its made for dependability and Safety, It has 10 safety mechanisms to avoid any accidents. It works perfectly for anything you want to use it for. The stainless steel construction ensures the good built quality of this product.

Pioneer Woman Instant Pot Vintage Floral Key Features:

Cute design
Safe To Use
Cooks With Precision
Saves Time
UL Certified

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